What Does “All Things Heart Shaped” Mean?

My Dream of Helping Others

Heart attack survivors, or anyone with some form of heart disease, can’t help but be focused on their heart and its condition. That focus can range from overwhelming obsession to healthy concern. My goal is to guide you on the journey to your new normal. Medications, nutrition, lab values, cardiac procedures, exercise, recipes, anxiety and fears, the healthcare team, risk factors, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart pain? I’ve got you covered with information on these topics and at your own pace with no overwhelm and no overload. While your life will be shaped by your concern for your heart health, forevermore, I want to help you find peace and reassurance for that new heart-shaped space. You are strong. You are a survivor. You are very brave. “All Things Heart Shaped” is my love letter to you.

Nothing But Questions

I am a registered nurse with over thirty years of experience in emergency nursing and nursing education. None of that mattered very much in the early morning hours of August 6, 2011, when I had a heart attack. And so I began with a new focus on heart health. In the beginning, all I thought about was my heart. I’m guessing that was perfectly natural after having a heart attack. What should I eat? Can I exercise? What about all these new medications? Am I going to have another heart attack? Will my life ever return to normal? Can I ever trust my body again? My mind was so overwhelmed with information, fears and uncertainty. I know you must feel the very same anxiety today.

The New “Normal”

Eventually, I began to accept I might never return to who I was before that night in August 2011. I had to decide which direction I wanted to go. I waved good-bye to how life used to be and began my journey toward a positive heart-focused life. With time and support, I began to move past my fears and then I decided I would use my experiences to help others in the future. So here I am today, writing to you, to explain the concept of All Things Heart Shaped. Dreaming of helping others has allowed me fill my heart-shaped space with hope, peace, and determination which I now want to share with you! This is my map for you as we journey toward heart health! I am so glad you are here!

DISCLAIMER: This website, All Things Heart Shaped (ATHS) and/or Lisa Trogdon do NOT offer medical advice and anything written here should never be used as a substitute for care by your healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider prior to making any changes in your treatment plan or medications. While I may refer to something that worked for me, what may have worked for others, or what the latest research says about heart healthy topics, I insist on patient-centered care, based specifically on your individual needs and wishes after discussion of all topics with your healthcareprovider.

Only you and your healthcare provider should make decisions about your health and treatment plan. Please use the information on this website to spark lively conversations with your provider as you seek the best plan of treatment for your individual needs. Never make changes in your plan of care (including but not limited to procedures, medications, activities of daily living, diet and exercise plans) without speaking with your healthcare provider. I am NOT a medical doctor and I do NOT diagnose, provide medical advice, or make any guarantee or promise that you becoming from diseases or conditions now or in the future. .