Heart Health Word for 2019: INSPIRE

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about my aspirations and dreams for 2019. One article helped me identify a word or short phrase that represented those dreams for me. My word was “inspire.” As a heart attack and stroke survivor who is also a nurse and health coach, I can’t think of a better word for me in 2019. My dream is to inspire you to create heart health and well-being for yourself. I can’t push you, I can’t pull you, but I can be a lighthouse that guides you and helps keep you on track.

Be-YOU-tiful YOU!

I love this quote because it clears up a struggle I’ve had the past few months. There’s way too much noise out there about CHANGE. We’re always being told what we need to improve, how we need to do this or that better, who we need to be like, on and on…But let me say this to you. I love you BECAUSE you’re you and nobody else on earth can be you! I’ll be here offering guidance and resources to make your journey easier, but don’t you EVER feel like you’re not enough. You are amazing and it’s my honor to serve and inspire you! ❤️

2019 holds so much promise. The sky is the limit! 🚀 #inspire

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