If it has to do with women’s heart health, I can help!

So, let’s start here (check all that apply): I am here because I:

  1. I am a heart attack survivor, or I have been diagnosed with heart disease.
  2. I’m confused by all the information I’m receiving about risk factors, medications, and heart health.
  3. I feel alone at times, or I wonder if anyone understands what I’m going through.
  4. I wonder if I will ever feel “normal” again.
  5. I need guidance and reassurance on my heart health journey.

GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply to you, you’re in the right place.

I’m Lisa and it’s my goal to guide you on your journey to improving your physical and emotional heart health. We will increase your knowledge about many topics related to heart health and ease your anxiety about your new diagnosis.

Heart health, both physical and emotional, is essential to you as a heart attack survivor. But it can be overwhelming and a total information overload. I had been a registered nurse for nearly 30 years, when I had my first heart attack. Even though I was a nurse, I felt anxious about everything that was happening to me and all there was to learn about my new condition. My unique perspective as a nurse and heart attack survivor will help you overcome your fears and uncertainties in a supportive, calming setting.

I’ll briefly share my own heart health story: In 2011, I had my first heart attack and I had a heart stent placed. In 2013, my stent closed up almost completely and I had to have a revision of the stent. Then, in 2015, I had a stroke. My family and friends asked me to please stop getting first-hand experience with all the scary health problems!

While I’m a big fan of step-by-step guides, video lessons, and personalized action plans my approach is all about YOU! Let’s get busy improving your heart health today!