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The Boho of Heart Health

A Change in Perspective

Lately, I’ve been thinking about renaming “All Things Heart Shaped,” and “The Boho Heart” really appeals to me. Don’t get me wrong—“All Things Heart Shaped” is almost like a child to me. That’s been the name of my website since I began to dream of having a website. But I’ve evolved, I’ve changed, I’ve learned SO much. Not so much about heart health…although there’s always something to learn in that black hole of knowledge. No, I’ve learned more about myself, my point of view, and how I would like to serve my clients.

My perspective originates from several wellsprings. First, I’ve been a registered nurse (RN) in the emergency department (ED) for over 30 years. Believe me, that will imprint your perspective in a million different ways, some good, some bad. One thing I recognize about my RN perspective is that it can be pretty domineering. When you work in an environment that is barely organized chaos, you seek to exert control and you are THE boss in that world. After all, at times it can be the difference between life and death. Not to say I would force treatments on anyone, that would be assault. But in the ED, I am the expert (guided by the ED physician, of course), people come to the ED for help, and there are policies and procedures that ensure the accomplishment of the necessary tasks at hand.

Grasping for Control

Long into my nursing career, I became a heart attack survivor. Believe me when I tell you I really appreciated all of those policies and procedures because they saved my life. There were specific treatment guidelines that were followed and I’m so glad they were in place. After all the emergency treatment was completed, the long haul of primary care started. This is when I began to rebel because I just could not stand the noise and overwhelm. “Do this, don’t do that, this is good, this is bad…” It was ALWAYS something and my body and brain were just worn out by it all.  One of the last times I left the hospital, after another admission for chest pain, I swore I would never return. Really, that was the only way I could turn all the noise off and get a grasp on my out-of-control life. I did go back, once or twice, but my mindset had changed forever.

Most recently, I became a certified health coach and began to offer support to others on their heart health journeys.  I wanted to be the best coach possible and sometimes I found that old RN perspective slipping into my practice. If my clients would just do what I was telling them, then things would get better for them! If only… then I began to realize that I couldn’t push them and I couldn’t pull them. In fact, I had absolutely no control over their health. Epiphany, right?!?! That’s when my overall philosophy began to evolve and that’s when I began to consider a name change to illuminate that new coaching philosophy.

Enter the Boho Vibe

Let me digress just a minute and talk about the word boho. Boho is short for bohemian and I like the Cambridge University Press’ online dictionary’s definition: “A person who lives in a very informal style that is different from the way most people live.” As a “live and let live” kind of person, I like this concept of being present in the world in a way that might be different from most people. For me, this type of freedom allows me to gather information on a topic and then apply that information to my life as I see fit. That is my wish for you, my friend. I don’t carry around many expectations any more and especially in regards to the choices you make in your life.

I do have a perspective to share, we all do. In some areas, my perspective is very experienced, educated, and expert. Such expertise springs forth from my decades of emergency nursing, but that perspective has been blended with the effects of surviving a heart attack, and my observations as a health coach. My intention now is to merely share my perspective with you. How you see that information and what you do with that information is your choice, your decision, your truth. I think I said it best in a recent Instagram post:

“It’s your life, YOU get to decide, you make the choices, you have the freedom to build your life as you see fit. I remember how, after my heart attack, I felt so out of control of my body and my life. “Do this, don’t do that, this is good, that is bad…” And on and on…as a heart attack survivor, I totally understand the overwhelm and all the noise! 

As a health coach, I’m here to support and guide my clients. In the end, the decisions are theirs. They choose the truth they will live. We walk the path together and we build fences wherever THEY decide they’re needed. 

Having a health coach is NOT a tug of war. Health is your journey and it’s based on the choices you make. YOU make the rules as you listen and learn. You’re the captain, so please consider me your #hearthealth compass.”

Shall We Begin?

All of this to say that the boho heart is more and more my truth. I take life one day at a time, and some days are way better than others! In the meantime, I’m guiding those who feel a connection with me and that gives meaning to what I’ve been through in life.  As a heart attack or heart disease survivor, you and I share much in common. Walk with me and let’s talk about our experiences. ❤️ 🧭 🗺

You Are My Heart Health Hero

Hello everyone!

I want to let you know that I think heart attack survivors and those who are living with heart disease are pretty amazing people! We hear a lot about survivors of other diseases and I think you deserve a “hats off,” too! You’ve faced the enemy and here you are! I am SO glad!

So let’s stand together and do everything possible to ensure we do NOT get knocked down again. There’s no 100% guarantee, but we can do so many things to improve our odds and be the winners in this fight! So raise your arms in the air, take a bow, and let’s get busy. Heart health is our main weapon of defense against heart disease. I am very honored to be your guide!

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