Just A Few Questions

Does your health really matter to you? Is your health a priority?

Commit yourself to taking some time to do a bit of deep thinking the next few days. What are your top 3 priorities in life? Not for the day, or the week, or even for the year. What are the three most important overarching goals you’re pushing toward in life? Think about it…

Is health on your “top 3” list? Is it first on the list?  Does your health really matter to you? If health is on your list what does your daily “to-do” list reveal about your commitment to healthy living? Someone told me yesterday that living healthy was “too hard” for them. I smiled because I totally understood what they meant. But because it’s “too hard” do we just give up? What are the consequences of giving up on health?

How about you? Is healthy living just too hard? What could make it easier? If you didn’t list health as a top priority how will that impact those priorities you did put on your list? Can you achieve those goals without health? If healthy living isn’t a priority now, when will it be? Would health become important if you lost it?

Go Ahead and Dig A Little Deeper

Just some questions to ponder. I challenge you to take the time to really dig deeper and consider what your daily schedule and habits say about your commitment to your health. Do you want to be healthy? If so, why? What makes you want to be healthy?

I’ll be away tomorrow as I’m working the Labor Day holiday in the ED. Think about these questions over the next few days and we’ll explore the topic more after you’ve had some time to think about it. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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