“Action is the foundational key to all success.” ~Pablo Picasso

Knowledge Is Power?

You’ve heard it all your life: knowledge is power, right? But is knowledge really power when it comes to heart health or any other goal? Knowledge can accumulate forever and really never create any type of change. Like books on a shelf, which are full of information, knowledge really does nothing until the power is activated by you. If you aren’t taking action on what you’re learning, then you may be feeling aimless or even at a standstill.

Knowledge Is A Noun

So how do you activate the power of knowledge and begin to move toward your goals? Think about that book on the shelf: You take the book down, learn some new information, and then you begin to plan how you will use the new knowledge. Now you’re starting to move from the stillness of a noun (knowledge), to the movement of a verb (plan/use). Learning about running doesn’t place you in the runner’s blocks, learning about cooking doesn’t put supper on the table, and learning about construction won’t build a house for you. It’s kinda like watching an exercise show from the couch and never getting up to move. Don’t judge me if you’ve never done this!

Heart Health Actions

I bet your head is full of information since you had your heart attack or discovered you have heart disease! There is so much to know: blood pressure, cholesterol numbers, new medications, eat this, don’t eat that, and on and on! So where are you headed with all that information? How about we start taking action together? First we’ll make a plan of what we need to do and then begin encouraging each other to do it! Accumulating more and more facts will not move us toward heart health but taking action on what we’re learning will move us closer and closer to our heart health goals.

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